YAHE in the TPC2015 Expo
YAHE in the TPC2015 Expo
News Time:2015-02-12

YAHE in the TPC2015 Expo

The 19th of the TPC2015  expo was held in 28th-29th, Jan, 2015 in Las Vegas, America. YAHE company attended this show as exhibitor. 

As the most professional and the longest history tobacco expo in America, also is the weather vane of the e cigarette market, this tobacco expo has not only attracted most of the professional American buyers , but also attracted various Chinese e cigarette and e liquid manufacturers. During these two days, YAHE Not only learnt the newest market dynamics of e cigarette and e liquid market, but also met a lot of e cigarette and e liquid peers and foreign customers too. Definitely, it is a valuable trip. 

In the exhibition, YAHE e liquid was showed in the concept of healthy and no nicotine. Although e liquid without nicotine will loss most of the market share, we still insist on it. Because e liquid without nicotine that can be called healthy. We care about our customers’ health. In our booth, many customers asked us that other e liquid companies also make e liquid without nicotine, what differences your e liquid than them? There are two reasons. First, the other e liquid manufacturers who make e liquid without nicotine also make e liquid with nicotine  Then, when they produce in the same workshop, or filling in the same machine, the e liquid may be polluted little nicotine. They actually is not totally nicotine free. Our e liquid, as all are nicotine free, so it can be totally nicotine free. Second, we give up most of the market share as we are determined to provide our customers healthy e liquid. Most of the flavors in the e liquid are extracted naturally. And the PG, VG are imported from abroad. So, our e liquid are soft and fresh when smoke. 

After this expo, YAHE Will take the advantages of powerful R&D to improve and innovate our e liquid according to the market demands, so as to give our customers the perfect smoking experience.



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