YAHE E liquid- Health Care Series
YAHE E liquid- Health Care Series
News Time:2015-04-02

After a careful raw materials selection and a period of R&D effort, YAHE E-liquid health care series came out in March 2015. And during 25th-26th Mar, all YAHE e-liquid engineers, technicians and sales had evaluated this new series the third time in our Guangzhou headquarters, so as to make a decision that which flavors are good enough for the market.

Before YAHE e liquids come to the market, they have to be evaluated and tested again and again. YAHE e liquid usually tested in different e cig devices with different power, and then YAHE R&D team make some adjustment according to the evaluator’s opinions and suggestions. A new flavored YAHE e-liquid can not be formally into new series if one of the evaluator say NO after the test. It will be ok until everyone say YES. It is our strict quality control and powerful R&D advantages that make us stand out from other e liquid companies. Bringing our customers with high quality and healthy e liquid.

YAHE e liquids health care series are developed on the basis of natural extraction, which can bring our customers more healthier and purer feeling. This series contains flavors of codonopsis, ginseng,  fructus momordicae, honeysuckle, bamboo leaf, longan and so on. If you want to know the magic of YAHE health care series and want to try these new flavors, welcome to The First Chinese International Vapor Expo--CECMOL 2015 during 9th-11th , in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Hall 6). We are looking forward to meeting you in our booth 6A22 and offer YAHE e liquid samples for free.

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