YAHE E- liquid Highlight the CECMOL2015 Expo
YAHE E- liquid Highlight the CECMOL2015 Expo
News Time:2015-04-29
The first Chinese international e-cig expo- CECMOL2015 has a perfect ending. As the first e-cig expo held in Shenzhen,  this expo has attracted numerous domestic and foreign buyers, distributors, wholesalers, online shop owners and shop retailers, consumers and e cig players etc.


As an e- liquid exhibitors, YAHE obtained a very good effect in this expo. Since YAHE is a manufacturer with certifications of food safety management system ISO22000:2005 and HALAL, we devote ourselves to offer our customers with good and healthy products. So we only produce e liquid without nicotine.


YAHE created the first health care series e liquid in China, which extracted from the nature plants, tastes mild and natural, more healthier, and got a great attention in this fair. This series consists of natural ginseng,  longan, bamboo leaf, honeysuckle, Fructus momordicae etc, .  In the period of CECMOL 2015, YAHE attracted many buyers, e cig consumers and players, and even the peers, flavorists and e cig manufacturers to came to our booth to consult and taste our e liquid. Some flavorists from other company confirmed with his professional experience that YAHE health care series e liquids are all naturally extracted.


Safe and healthy are more and more important for consumers today. YAHE will always insists on supplying e liquid without nicotine to bring our customers a more healthier smoking experience. At the same time, we will continue to enrich our health care series, so as to satisfy our customer more taste requirements.

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