Vapor juice questions:

1.What are the main ingredients in Yahe vapor juice?
   Yahe e liquid ingredients are PG,VG and flavorings. No nicotine content. The ingredients in e Liquid
 that cause to vaporize in heat are PG and VG or a combination of both.
   Our PG (Propylene Glycol)-- USP Grade VG (Vegetable Glycol/Glycerin )-- USP Grade
   All flavorings are FDA approved.
   We carry a 65/35 PG/VG blend. This ratio is the best combination to avoid "throat hit" and  to reach the best
   vapor volume. If you have your own requirement on the ratios, we can do it as your requirement.

   Yahe vapor juice products  are suitable for all e-smoking devices.

2. What is the materials for Yahe packing bottles?
   Yahe bottles are made by PET plastic (BPA Free). All bottles are with child-proof caps.

3. If all Yahe vapor juice are completely nicotine free?
   Yes!  All Yahe  vapor juice are without  nicotine.

4. Why Yahe vapor juice is without nicotine?
   1) Nicotine in its pure form, if taken too much leads to healthy risk even to die.
   2) It is classed as TOXIC, e liquid with nicotine needs for a toxic warning label.
   3) It is addictive.
   For smokers at the beginning and smoker without nicotine addiction, we suggest that it is the best to use
   e liquid without  nicotine, so as to keep far away from the harmful material but also enjoy the feeling of

   Yahe vapor juice without nicotine is the best choice for you.

5. Shelf life for Yahe e liquid?
   18 months.

6. Advises for the storage?
   1) Store e-liquid upright, in a cool dark but well-ventilated area, in a locked cupboard or drawer, out of reach
       from any children or pets and away from food and drink.

   2) Keep away from naked flames or sources of heat.

Company questions:

1.Yahe company scale?
   Guangzhou Yahe Bio Tech Co., Ltd established in the year of 2004, are a manufacturer and global supplier
of fragrance, healthy e-liquid and flavor. Our headquarters and factory are located in the Baiyun District of
Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, China. The company spans 13,000 square meters, of which 5,600
   are occupied by a class 100,000 cleanroom. We now have 103 employees. Our annual output is over 3000

2.How about Yahe’s R&D ability?
   Our R&D team consists of more than 30 highly qualified individuals, led by professors, doctorate graduates,
   and senior engineers.  Yahe specialist taskforce are highly experienced in the field of product application
   engineering. These professionals can accurately facilitate functions such as market analysis, production
   optimization, and service assistance. We are currently in the process of completing a provincial-level project
   that requires extensive cooperation among our company as well as selected universities and research

3.If Yahe company have any certificates?
   Yes, we have ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system certification, HALAL certification and
   Import& Export registration certificate.

4.What kind of equipments are for Yahe R&D or QA&QC work?
   Here at Yahe, product testing and analysis are taken very seriously.  We utilize precision instruments such
   as the Gas Chromatography and Mass spectrometer, density meter and refractometer combined instrument,
   countertop low-speed centrifuge, automatic moisture titrator, high performance liquid chromatographic
   instrument, GC-2014 gas chromatographer, and more.

5.Why Yahe e liquid is different from others?
   Yahe e liquids are all nicotine free, which are more safer for your health.

Other questions:

1.Do you have free samples?
   Yes. Free samples are welcomed for your reference. Email us if you need free samples.

2.How do you deliver your e liquid to other countries?
   We used to deliver our e liquid by express DHL, TNT, FedEX, EMS,UPS etc. You will receive your packages
   at home. If the quantity is   very large, other shipping methods will be used, such as air freight or ocean

   After shipping, we will email you a tracking number to track the status of your packages. It normally takes
   about 3-7days to receive your packages.

   We package our e liquid with 5 layer carton, it is strong enough for the international delivery. So, don’t worry
   about the package.

3.Can I smoke anywhere with electronic cigarettes?
   It depends on where you are. Most vapers find they have far greater freedom with electronic cigarettes, and
   very few places have any interest in stopping smokers from enjoying their e-cigs if they aren’t offending
   anyone. Because they are not traditional cigarettes,  they don’t produce harmful second hand smoke, so
   you’ll be able to vape in most places prohibited to smokers.

4.The savings of Yahe e-liquid vs regular cigarettes?
   The appeal of electronic cigarettes is not limited to the smoking pleasure they deliver. With e cigs, the cost
   of maintaining your daily habit is much cheaper compared to the ever-increasing prices of conventional

   Because smokers have different puffing styles, it is impossible to get an accurate figure on how many  
   cigarettes are in 1ml of e-liquid. Collective data from the vaping community shows that a pack of cigarettes
   is  equivalent to approximately 2ml of e-liquid.

   Therefore, a 10ml bottle would equal 5 packs, a 15ml bottle is worth 7.5 packs, a 30ml bottle should last 15
   packs, and a 50ml bottle is good for 25 packs.

   Comparing to the prices of e liquid you buy from Yahe and the traditional cigarettes you buy from your local
   market, you may easily calculate the savings of using Yahe e liquid for a day, a month and a year. The
   amount may surprise you!

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