Fruit series

As we only focus on NICOTINE FREE vapor juice, fruit flavors vapor juice without nicotine restore the natural , vivid, fresh fruit taste, bringing you a feeling of eating real fruits for every puff. Meanwhile, lots of the flavor options which can meet you the most discerning palate.              


Berry series

Mysterious berries flavors bring you a mellow and delicate feeling. The unique tastes let you indulge in them. Pure, natural and without nicotine, let you have a perfect and healthy vaporing experience.

Menthol series

Cool soft inspiring taste awaken your taste buds and brain instantly for the first puff, like you are in the spring wind. Continuous cool and fresh feelings make you don’t want to stop.   

Foreign tobacco series

Truly 100% nicotine free tobacco flavor vapor juice, let you enjoy the real taste of the classic cigarette, but away from all harmful substances. More care about your health, just like you are our family.  

Chinese tobacco series

The classic Chinese tobacco flavor vapor juice, has the hugest consumer groups. Many cigarette brands in China, only they stand out.  Now, try and experience the magic of these flavors that have most of the consumers in the world.  

Dessert series

Picture this: when you finish your dinner and when you are busy working for the whole afternoon. Then, stop to vapor our dessert flavor vapor juice. The feeling of happy and leisure can let the happiness strengthened after dinner and nervous mood relax instantly after work. There is no better enjoyment like that.

Drink series

When you are vaporing, you want to drink a cup of coffee or a bottle of wine at the same time. What do you do? Our drink flavor vapor juices can let you enjoy the both two feelings. Coffee, Red wine, Rum, Red Bull etc. choose as you want. Just can’t help to trying it.

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