About Guangzhou Yahe Bio Tech Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Yahe Bio Tech Co., Ltd  was founded in 2004, started with producing flavor and fragrance products. After 10 years rich experience of flavor and fragrance R&D and production, we have had great

achievement  in technology development and industry reputation, many other e-liquid manufacturers have been using Yahe flavors, so we take our advantage and join the field of producing vapor juice in 2014. Our headquarters and factory are located in the Baiyun District of Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, China. The company spans 13,000 square meters, of which 5,600 are occupied by a class 100,000 cleanroom.  All of our products are manufactured in a clean room with a sanitary environment, as customer safety is are our primary goal. We have an automated production line and 6 manual processing lines. In order to optimize the material mixing process, we have incorporated 8 multi-functional mixers into our repertoire. We now have more than 100 employees. Yahe have ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, ISO 22000:2005 food safety management system certification , HALAL certification and Import & Export Registration certificate.

Yahe development concept is that our products should be beneficial to the society and human healthy. Therefore, we only produce vapor juice without nicotine. Although it would have much less market share.



 Abide by high quality standards, here at YAHE, product testing and analysis are taken very seriously.  We utilize precision instruments such as the Gas Chromatography and Mass spectrometer, density meter and refractometer combined instrument, countertop low-speed centrifuge, automatic moisture titrator, high performance liquid chromatographic instrument, GC-2014 gas chromatographer, and more. Our quality control processes conform to the highest domestic and international health and pharmaceutical standards. Also, we pride ourselves in having the strictest health management and quality control systems, which enable us to provide our customers with the highest quality and safest products in the industry by far. We offers only the highest quality products without nicotine content, allowing customers to use with confidence.

YAHE is committed in bringing the very best vapor experience to all e-cigarette smokers. Our top quality e liquid and smoke e juice are lovingly blended using the very best ingredients available in great tasting that go beyond your imagination. Each creative e juice comes from the finest all-natural ingredients blended to perfection .

    YAHE has actively participated in technology exchange forums with numerous flavor & fragrance and e-liquid development organizations and institutions. Our research and development team consists of more than 30 highly qualified individuals, led by professors, doctorate graduates, and senior engineers. YAHE specialist taskforce are highly experienced in the field of product application engineering. These professionals can accurately facilitate functions such as market analysis, production optimization, and service assistance. Three of our product invention patents have been approved. We are currently in the process of completing a provincial-level project that requires extensive cooperation among our company as well as selected universities and research institutions.
    In YAHE, one small group of experts are focused on improving the e-liquid use . After intense testing and development, Yahe premium vapor juice was launched in 2014 with competitive advantage in quality, vapor and flavor. YAHE R&D strives to create the most prestigious, effective and innovative flavors and fragrances, as well as e-liquid.

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